New to Homeshooling a struggling grandson
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    Default New to Homeshooling a struggling grandson

    I am a concerned grandma that has just started homeschooling my grandson who was struggling in public school. He was on a IEP but I honestly do not think he has advanced in the last 2 years on this program. He was frustrated and just shut down. I am hopeful that Time4Learning will provide us with the tools we need to get started on this journey. We will begin our 2nd week of home schooling on 9/30 using T4L. I am still in the discovery period, finding where he is weak and adjusting his levels as needed. I am also new to this forum and how all of this works. I am in Florida.

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    Hi there, and welcome! I am so sorry to hear that your grandson is struggling, but I am happy to hear that you are giving homeschooling a try!

    One of the greatest things about T4L is the ability to have access to a grade below and a grade above the child's main grade level. This has helped us through tougher periods several times over the years. It's also nice that with homeschooling, you guys can work at your grandson's pace, to alleviate any pressure he has on himself.

    Here a couple of links I can share with you, that you might find helpful:

    Welcome to Homeschooling ebook - this is a great read for new homeschoolers.

    T4L Hints and Help - wonderful resource to help you learn more about using the site, lesson plans, etc.

    Florida homeschool forum - a forum we have where our members in FL can try to connect and support one another.

    Good luck! Please always feel free to ask any questions you have, in any of our boards here.
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