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    I just signed up my almost 5 yo daughter. We flew through the PreK 1 Level in 4 days. I didn't know you were supposed to make weekly themes out of it. It was really too easy for her and I kind of thought it would be. We did some of PreK 2 today and it is just as easy. I think we will start Kindergarten in the next few days. Any tips or advice on where to go for tips? She knows her letters and their sounds but we have only touched on blending sounds and she wasn't really getting it so I stopped for a while. She can count and identify numbers 1-20 and can count to 100 with a little help. Do you think she is ready for K? We have been doing Preschool since she was about 2.5 yo. Recently I was doing a weekly theme but found myself printing tons of stuff from Pinterest and prepping only for her to be totally bored with it. I still want to do fun activities though.

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    Hi there! My son actually started with kindergarten. I'm not sure if there was prek when he started. They actually did really well, and my son was reading before the end of kindergarten.

    My youngest daughter started with prek and like you, we found it really easy for her. Kindergarten was more of a challenge, but it was not too much.

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