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    I am a Kiwi currently living in Kentucky with my American hubby and my DS, who is 15 and homeschooled. We are hoping to move interstate, to a more "liberal" State, when my residency comes through and I can apply for jobs, and we plan to homeschool DS until he starts community college in a couple of years, as my DH works from home and can supervise.

    Thinking about T4L but I have some concerns about the presentation of some of the material. We tried it for a month late last year and a couple of things seemed a wee bit strange to us, and DS took a dislike to the whole idea of using T4L. However, I wouldn't mind giving it a second try.

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    What was strange? Sometimes things look different when you try them again. Maybe that will be the case with T4L. You didn't say what level your son worked on, but our junior high has some new courses he might like.

    Best wishes to you both. Keep us in the loop.

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    I would definitely say give it another look! Sometimes kids look at T4L and it seems easy and because of that they think it is too young. If they give it a second look they might realize that they are actually learning and that it is a good way to learn. My daughter has used T4L for years now, and passes through phases where she doesn't like the way something is presented, but then she will move into material that is new and she is satisfied again. Good luck!
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