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    Default New to MD homeschooling

    Hello all! I am new to homeschooling in MD. I homeschooled both of my children in NC last year and was soo thankful I found T4L to help me teach them. I think this is a wonderful sight that has not only kept my children engaged in learning but also brought on a new love for learning myself! I admit, I am feeling very overwhelmed in the new "state" regulations. It can be stressful to teach your child by somewhat different guidelines, but thank goodness that T4L can be used anywhere, anytime!

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    Hi there, and welcome! What a wonderful introduction, thank you! Have you checked out our Maryland homeschool forum yet? I would definitely suggest that you pop in there and introduce yourself there as might be able to get some help with the state requirements and meet other members who are now local to you!

    Good luck, and keep us posted as to how things are going with you!
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    Hey keebrey! I just went from MD to NC a few months ago!! I hope you LOVE Maryland as much as I did!! Also, I was nervous when we got to MD because the homeschool laws were so different than when we were in KY, but it turned out to be relatively easy. I chose to keep a portfolio of my son's work to show at my meetings with the homeschool monitor. I wasn't using T4L then (wish I would have known how great it was!!) but printing the T4L worksheets and having your kids complete them should make for a great portfolio. We would take a project or two that we were working on, too, and that always seemed to go over well. We had a GREAT monitor and she was so easy to please, it made me MUCH more at ease with the whole process!!

    Welcome to T4L and Maryland! I miss it quite a bit!!

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