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    Hi everyone, I am homeschooling a third grader. He is excited about being homeschooled this year-his public school teachers did not have the patience required. So, we are trying this method.

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    Welcome to I third grade is a fun year. Remember he might need a time of de-schooling if he had issues w/ teachers before. De-schooling is basically not making school work feel like school work, in your case. My best advice is RELAX. (That does not mean let him get away w/o doing school work) Relax by setting goals for the week. I want to get so many things done this week. If he gets them all done in 2 day, you have 4 days to do the educational things he will never see as educational like a trip the park-play but also go on a nature walk. Or if it takes him all week to get half of your goal list done, then go with it and finish the goal list the next week.

    That is my little two cents of advice.

    Welcome to be sure to check out the other forums. We have all kinds of forums to help you through almost anything.
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