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    Hey everyone, My name is Ashley Buntura and I am residing in SC. This is my first time homeschooling. My son is five and will be starting kindergarten. I am really nervous about the whole thing. Any suggestions at all????? Thanks.

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    Hi Ashley! You're not alone, most parents get nervous when they start homeschooling. Gosh...I've been homeschooling since 2005 and I can still get nervous from time to time.

    The best thing to remember is you know your child better than anyone else on the planet, and you have always done what you think is best for him up until now...homeschooling won't change that. Plus, you're starting at one of the BEST ages! I loved the Kindergarten years with my boys!

    Here is a Welcome to Homeschooling ebook that you might enjoy reading. Lots of good info to help you get started. Also, there is this Hints and Help page that can help you learn more about using the T4L site (lesson plans, activity scheduler, etc.).

    Please poke around the other boards here; see how others do things at home, what works for them, ask questions and so on. Too, pop into the South Carolina homeschool forum and introduce yourself. That's the best place to try and connect to members who might be local to you.

    Good luck!
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