NEW: My children have ADD/ Searching for Educational Hope.
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    Red face NEW: My children have ADD/ Searching for Educational Hope.

    Hello, Im NEW... I have not figure this Program out yet? Im in hope of this program turning my daughters educational life around??? My kids have ADD, so did I and my Mom. There not on Medication. My parents were strongly against it with me, and I don't want to resort to meds (JUST YET)?? This is my last resort before turning to medication. I know first hand, how being pushed threw the public school system with ADD and being offered a dummy diploma. Being in EIP programs at the schools. They don't work after Elementary. My parents put me into private school so I could get a real diploma. I did have LOW gpa. Its hard learning with ADD and as an Adult. Hard for me to sit with my kids to help with school work. Getting a online program was suggested by teachers. My Daughters are in 3rd and 4th grade at 1st grade level. I PRAY this program will help. I don't want them to have a hard time like I did. Im 33yr old mom, with 4 kids, oldest 13, and youngest 4. And a new baby on the way. If there are any mothers with same situation like m with my kids. I love to hear from you and a support person. Thanks -Shannon

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    Hi Shannon, and welcome! So glad you found us, and you took the time to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your family.

    Time4Learning made a HUGE difference in our homeschool, and we've been using it for about 7 years now. Here is a great Hints and Help page, that can help you learn a little more about the site (using the lesson plans or activity scheduler, etc.). I'd also like to ask you to poke around the other forums we have on never know what conversations you can jump into, who you could meet, or what questions you can get answered (or what questions YOU can answer!). You may also want to introduce yourself in your state homeschool forum, in the hopes of connecting with other members who are local to you.

    Good luck, and please always feel free to ask any questions you may have. Looking forward to seeing you around the boards... WebRep


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