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    Hi I am just trying to get my son started on this and need help. He finished almost the whole year in public school and I am just trying now to be able to have him start where he left off in school pretty much but how do I do that??

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    Hi, and welcome! *wave*

    Even if a student changes from one public school to another, no two programs will be exact duplicates. Two teachers in the same school using the same curriculum may each decide to present the activities in a different order. One might decide to delay a study of a certain geographical region until their vacation pictures are ready, so they can share them with the class. Or a study of animals might be delayed until better weather, when a zoo trip can be planned.

    So . . . there will always be things your student has already studied and a few things he missed.

    We actually hosted a webinar recently about beginning homeschooling mid-year. It is available in recorded form on YouTube. Beginning Homeschool Mid-Year

    Some parents ignore the activity planner and just have their kids do each quiz or test BEFORE they do the lesson activities directly preceding the quiz or test. If they do well on the quiz or test, they don't need to do the lesson activities. If they don't do well on the quiz or test, they do the lesson activities and try the quiz or test again.

    Try not to worry as long as your child is working every day. We tend to think a student has "learned" anything that has been presented at school. But what about days he or she was absent? Or the times they received a poor grade (so obviously didn't really master the material)? How about a spelling test where they study the words all week, get a test on Friday, and are given an entirely new set of spelling words on Monday, even if they still don't know all of the previous week's words?

    If your child is working at the "approximate" grade level in math and language arts, and they are working every day, they will be fine.

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