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    Hey all
    I am new to homeschooling and new to the Tampa area! I am a stay at home mom of 5 kiddos Georgia (7), Xavier (6), Grace (4), and the twins Roxanne and Sonia( they will be 2 in a week). My husband just started a new position here in Tampa and we had a stormy crazy summer which led me to the decision to home school. We are still not fully settled as we are in temporary corporate housing, on my hubby's company's dime, while we find a rental home. I will be starting T4l curriculum with my 2 oldest tomorrow. I have signed up and spent the day familiarizing myself with the site and the curriculum etc. I am nervous about how my days will go and making sure that they get all they need as far as education. Anyway if anyone has any words of wisdom I will be in the FL forum too. Thanks for reading


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    Yes, it can be a bit crazy making when you try to figure everything out at once. I always like to tell new members, sit down with a nice cup of tea of coffee and relax. Go through the past forums and get a feel for the other people who are using Time4Learning. I was going to suggest that you go over to the Florida Parent Forum. But I see you've already thought of that. The main thing is to relax. Make sure learning is fun for you and your children. Half an hour to an hour a day should be plenty for sit down time in the beginning. Then do lots of fun activities. We spend much more time out of the house than we do in.

    If you come up with any specific questions that we can help with, let us know.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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