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    We're a full-time traveling family of 4 just starting to use T4L for the very first time. We've been homeschooling for 9 years now and are really looking forward to utilizing T4L to introduce our kids to more online learning. Our plans this year are to utilize the T4L English, Science and Social Studies curriculums/activities for 4th and 7th grades and possibly add a foreign language and/or writing course later this year.

    If any of you have best practices, tips, etc. for us newbies, we'd love to hear them! I work in IT for a non-profit, so I'm stoked to get my kids into more online learning, although we have thoroughly enjoyed text books, workbooks and constant travels/field trips up until now. We do have some experience with online learning, but if there are tips for how to make the most of T4L, we'd love to hear them!


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    Hi, Celeste! Welcome to the forum!

    My tips: Log in to your parent account ahead of your students a few times. Do a lot of exploring, because there are many resources there. (You do not have to use all of them.)

    Decide whether to set up an activity plan for them or to just allow them to go at their own pace. Remember to set plan as their default, so it will show up on their student dashboard and they can refer to it to see what to do each day. Know that it will not show up on their dashboard until the first day of your plan (the date you choose as the "Start Date" when you create the plan).

    Time4Learning provides a lot of lessons, and more are always being added. Seventh grade math added an entirely new curriculum some years ago. They bundled the old curriculum all together and put it at the end of the new curriculum in a chapter called "Practice". Leave that chapter off your plan. Those lessons are only to use if your child needs extra help with something. If you include that chapter in your plan, the planner will return way too much math for your child to do each week, as he or she will be doing two complete math programs.

    The way Time4Learning teaches spelling can be confusing at first. Here's an old forum thread about the spelling options.

    I found my kids were very enthusiastic about this new way of learning at first and wanted to do hours and hours a day. (I started one child and then added another and another over the course of a few months.) By the time I added my third, I had decided to limit how many lesson activities they were allowed to do each day. That was to help keep that enthusiasm alive and also because small amounts of information presented over a longer period of time are retained more readily than large amounts of information presented in a short period of time.

    Those are the things new users are usually confused about. We're happy you're here! Please keep in touch on the forum. We would love to hear about your traveling adventures!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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