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    Cool New in Spokane Valley, WA

    Hi, I'm Sherri...single mom with 5 kids (21 in FL with dad going to college; 18 attending ALE for credit recovery; 16 [daughter that belongs to single dad next door but been raising her for last 7 1/2 years]; 16 attending local H.S.; 12 1/2 yr old daughter (13 in April) attending Parent Partnership (HomeLink) in local school district PT via K12 Inc curriculum for Life Science, Art and MS Mandarin Chinese I...also participates with in-class activities on Thurs (Art, Music, Piano, Science) and PT Homeschool (L.A., Math, World History, Health) via Time4Learning, PowerPoints online, Videos, and books...

    We are a mix of regular public school, High School ALE, HomeLink and Homeschool. It can get crazy at my house

    My daughter has disabilities but smart when in the right environment. She was losing her education in the p.s. system. We did WAVA (K12) for a year before switching to a smaller district's program.

    I decided to use T4L as our primary source of curriculum (in combo with other stuff) because even though she is a 7th grader, she is developmentally 6th grade in most areas. She is a visual learner and loves the interactive/animated portion of the lessons.

    She will continue as a 7th grader this year and then complete 2 years as an 8th grader before moving up to H.S. I am hoping that this extra time will allow her to reach her potential academically, socially, in maturity, and emotionally.

    BTW: I am also the admin for several Homeschool/K12 groups online and would encourage those who are looking for support to join us.... Homeschool Moms/K12 Learning Coaches Homeschooling Moms/LC's Teaching Kids with Disabilities

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    Welcome to T4L!! SO glad that you found us and that T4L is working great for you all! I know it is one of the main reasons I choose it with my boys when i pulled them out of the system, is he was a grade or two behind in math and T4L helped us fill that gap! We look forward to seeing you more on the forums! You may also want to stop by the WA state forum to say hi
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    Hi Sherri, and welcome! It *does* sound like your home can get a little crazy at times, lol...remind of that next time I complain of trying to keep up with my TWO boys and their schedules.

    I hope T4L, and the other programs you are using, work well for your daughter. Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing how things are going.

    Oh, and thanks for those facebook resources too!
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