New starting in the middle of year
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    Question New starting in the middle of year

    Hi I am new from Florida. we just pulled our two kids out of public school they are in 1st and 2nd grade. I am not sure where our first grader should start. I did a few math test and think i go that figured out but LA I did not see any tests to figure out where she should start. Does anyone have any idea where mid way is compared to public school?

    Also is there a way to group assignments on a daily basis instead of weekly. I assigned the days but it just added the words there is no way I can see to do it

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    Default Re: New starting in the middle of year

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    We hosted a webinar awhile back about beginning to homeschool mid-year. It is available in recorded form on YouTube.

    You can't really compare any curriculum to what is taught in public school, because each school will be different (sometimes VERY different). Even in subjects like math and language arts, where there are national standards, the material can be taught in any order, so you will not be able to mirror a public school curriculum. That isn't a problem, because any curriculum will provide enough review that most students can adjust. This would be the situation regardless of what homeschool curriculum you might choose, and even if you were to change from one public school to another.

    Some parents have their kids take the quizzes and tests first. They only do the lessons associated with that quiz or test if they score poorly. Then they do the associated lessons and try again. If they score well without doing the associated lessons, they just go on to the next quiz or test. In this way, the student is only studying material they do not already know.

    The activity planner returns a weekly plan, which you can split into days if you wish. That only affects what prints out on the planner.

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