New and still trying to figure out some things.
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    Question New and still trying to figure out some things.

    Hello. We just started doing this a few days ago. On the students portfolio tab it has 3 tabs. Recent work, Assignments and Reports. How are assignments done? I've been searching all over trying to figure it out. I know I can print out worksheets for ones that have them but I was wondering about the assignment thing. Also I saw on an example thing for the launchpad it shows icons for gradebook and graded papers. When I go to my sons launchpad it does not have these things. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Hi, Jackie. Welcome to Time4Learning. I'm sorry about the confusion.
    Time4Learning uses curriculum developed by CompassLearning, who only provides it to schools. Because the "Assignments" function was intended to be used by a classroom teacher, it isn't designed in a way that makes it usable to individuals. Instead, Time4Learning provides a flashing arrow to point your student on his or her way!

    This page on Hints and Helps on using Time4Learning should really help you. Once you are at that page, you will see there a link for Progress Reports. If you view that video, it may answer some of the questions you have about the progress reports.

    Also, Time4Learning provides some planning worksheets in the Getting Started Guide.

    If you still have unanswered questions, please don't hesitate to come back and ask. If you like, you can also call Time4Learning at 888-771-0914. Here is the page for contact information. You will find that they are very friendly and helpful.

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums. You may want to go over to your State Forum and introduce yourself. If you want to subscribe, once you are at the State Forum (Top Right), you can bring down the tab that says Thread Tools, and you'll see "subscribe".

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