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    Default New to T4L

    Hi everyone! My daughter and I are new to T4L. She's 8 years old in 2nd grade. We started homeschool at the beginning of this school year. We started the school year out with old textbooks (pre-common core editions) however last week we started T4L and are both loving it so far over the dull textbook reading and are already finding ourselves in a nice routine for the T4L lessons.

    In addition to the T4L lessons we are continuing to read from our Health book (a required subject by our state homeschooling law) and spending the remainder of our time on what I call "Life Skills" (home ec type of activities, etc.) and things that interest her. We started the year out with dance lessons, but she decided that wasn't for her so we'll be pursuing horseback riding and 4-H once spring sets in. In addition she loves video games so I'm starting her out with learning how video games are made and hopefully we'll touch on some actual programming as well!

    Looking forward to getting to know other homeschool families!

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    Default Re: New to T4L

    Hi, Katrah! Welcome to the forum! Thank you for sharing some of your plans. They will be helpful to other new homeschoolers who are working on plans for their own kids.

    In states that require "health" (or any other subjects), remember that every, single required subject doesn't have to be taught every, single year. It just means that your plans need to include those subjects at some point. Time4Learning presents health concepts within its science lessons and then, in high school, there is a health elective. Of course, as a homeschool parent directing your own child's education, you can decide to teach health every year if it is an important part of your family's values or if you really like your health textbook or for any other reason.

    I'm glad you aren't neglecting life skills. My "graduated" kids say they have used what I taught them about rental leases and filling out tax forms more than the algebra.

    Please continue to share as you go on. We're happy to have you here!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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