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    Hi, I'm new to T4L. I'm using it currently to supplement my Kindergartener. But I'm considering homeschooling. So far, it's day 2 and he loves the activities. I was wondering if there was a way to click and assign which lessons you want him to do, and then have only those accessible until they are all done and I can assign more. Right now, I've already found that he's been skipping around and exploring lessons and half doing many of them . He has finished a few though. I try to tell him which onse we'll be doing but he's very curious and fairly computer saavy.

    Anyway pleasure meeting you all. Looking fwd to posting more on the forum.

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    Hi, and welcome to What a great way to supplement Kindergarten. Unfortunately there is no way to assign certain things for your child to do, there are arrows that tell you where to go next. You can jump around but you would need to keep track of where you go. I recommend you stop on over to the Members Chat using Time4Learning forum and see if you get a better explained answer.
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    Hi, I just wanted to invite you to stop on over at the New Jersey Parent Forum. We have a great bunch over there. We are in our fifth year of homeschooling my nine year old son. We started with Time4Learning in preK.

    For my son I print out the lesson plan. Then after he does his work each day, I go through and mark the grade by each lesson he has completed. That way I can keep track of the lessons he has done and those that he only did half way. You could show your son how the arrows go from lesson to lesson and tell him that he has to follow the arrows.
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