New to T4L with adhd child
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    Default New to T4L with adhd child

    I am new to T4L, but not to homeschooling. I am changing curriculum choices again hoping my daughter ,who has ADHD ,will have an easier & more enjoyable time learning. Her retention seems to be so challenged.

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    Hey Traci! Glad you found us! I have seen many families say that T4L helped them homeschool their ADD/ADHD kiddo successfully! It can be so visual and so interactive, it helps with those shorter attention spans.

    Take a look at the special needs forum we have here. I think that would be a great place to see how other families have implemented T4L, and other materials, with ADD, and you may even find some suggestions and tips to help with scheduling your day/school work.

    When you have time, poke around all the boards on the forum. You never know who you could meet, or what conversations you can jump into. There's also state homeschool forums, if you wanted to see if there are other members who are local to you.

    Good luck! Please keep us posted as to how things are going with you guys!
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