New to T4L - Does it really help?
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    Default New to T4L - Does it really help?

    I have just joined for my daughter. We recently discovered she has an auditory processing deficit that is effecting her ability to learn through lecture only. She is in second grade and suffering terribly with learning inthe class. Since this site seems to follow pretty much what they are doing in class, I am hoping that the extra work through this site will help. Any thoughts?

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    Hi, Missiprissy. Welcome to Time4Learning. I think you will find time4learning will be very helpful for your daughter. I will tell you that noise reducing headphones have helped my daughter tremendously. We have several sets of earplugs, but only the big headphones that fit snuggly on her head work best. She is able to focus on the lessons without outside distractions.
    My second suggestion would be to repeat lessons as often as necessary. My daughter needs repetition. And that's okay. The main thing is that she is learning. She may be better focused the 2nd or 3rd time. She just may need to hear it more than once. Or she may just need mom to sit next to her and help a little.

    When my daughter works independently, once she is done I view her scores on the progress report. (follow link for video) When you do this, if you see she has scored low, you can repeat the lesson with her.

    I hope this helps.

    Enjoying homeschooling our 3 kids using T4L and T4W

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