New to T4L, a Kentucky girl, been "homeschooling" since preschool, some questions
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    Default New to T4L, a Kentucky girl, been "homeschooling" since preschool, some questions

    We are trying out T4L on a trial basis for my 6 year old son. Last year I did Hooked on Phonics, some math workbooks, and a lot of work out of What Your Kindergartner needs to know. This year, we will try a combination of all of those things plus T4L, I think.

    So far, my son loves T4L. We're trying out the first grade activities, but have found that although he is doing pretty well with the 1st grade LA activities, he was having some trouble with the 1st grade Math activities. We are working through the kindergarten math fairly quickly, some as a review with some new material for him.

    My main question so far is, what do you guys see as sufficient scores for you children? DS is getting 100% on his kindergarten math activities, not surprisingly (he was getting 40-60% on most 1st grade math activities), but on his LA, which I feel he mostly understands, but makes him think hard and sometimes strains, he is getting 70-80% with some 100% sometimes. Do you think he needs to review kindergarten LA?

    Also, how much (if any) should I lead him or help? I feel he needs me to sit near him on most of his activities, to encourage him to pay attention and to think things through without guessing. The hardest thing for him so far has been feeling like T4L is just a game and that it doesn't really matter how he does, so sometimes he just guesses or neglects to listen to the directions all the way through. It's hard to know the best way to steer him away from this kind of thinking without putting too much pressure on him.

    Thanks, y'all for all your help so far. I really like the idea of T4L and it has a lot of really good information in it, I just need to figure out the best way to utilize it.

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    Hi Katie. We have also been homeschooling since preK. But we have used Time4Learning since the beginning. We are now entering our sixth year with T4L. I still have to sit with my son to help him stay focused. Otherwise he would be looking around and finding a million things to distract him. I think that's just a given with little boys. (And bigger boys) I consider anything less than 70% as he does not understand the material. So he does the lesson over again.

    Feel free to come back any time and ask all the questions you have. Have you joined the Kentucky Parent Forum yet? Come on over and say hi.
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