New to t4L. Kindergarten & 1st Grade. RV roadschooling.
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    Default New to t4L. Kindergarten & 1st Grade. RV roadschooling.

    Hello T4L world ....... I am new to online schooling and think this will work well with my two 'in school' children (also have a 3 year old bouncing around). The oldest DS (6) has a great deal of trouble being still, not fidgeting with things, minding 'personal space', and staying quiet throughout the school day while instruction takes place but does very well with me at home on the weekends/breaks (when I give him worksheets or educational supplements). He seems to go ahead and not listen to directions but then miss the entire lesson because he wasn't listening to the teacher correctly. He gets VERY easily distracted with noise and can not focus if it is too loud. He likes to stand up sometimes when he thinks and usually can not keep his hands still (fidgets/creates things with anything and everything) so I hope this program works well for him. ----- We will be using this the rest of the school year as extra practice and throughout the summer...... We are in Arizona... heading back to New York in the summer an RV. My goal is to use this while 'road schooling' and to see how it works/how it doesn't work for us along the way. I II have been "WISHING" to 'unschool' and homeschool the kids since they were born and have always facilitated their education with flash cards, worksheets, games, etc.... This year I take a few more steps toward that endeavor. Wish us luck. ---- Does ANYONE have any suggestions to how to get internet in an RV other than the mobile hot spots with Verizon which seem to cost an arm and a leg? I have basic google android tablets for them and wondered if they would support the t4L program ~ Cheers

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    Welcome to the forums and to homeschooling. Time4Learning is great for fidgety little boys. My son frequently does his work upside down on the couch with his head near the floor and computer on the floor.

    As far as roadschooling, there are lots of forums and blogs out there about roadschooling. I would google them. I know that some people print out worksheets and things like that to do when they do not have internet access and then work on the regular lessons when they do have internet access. So many businesses now have free internet.

    Really really good news is that we have just come out with an app for androids that will support T4L. It is brand new so there may be a few bugs in the road until they get it all worked out but the app is called Puffin Academy not to be confused with any other versions of Puffin. It's free. Once downloaded, all they need to do is select Time4Learning and voila. They can go to our member login page and begin using it.
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