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Thread: New to T4L from Mississippi

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    Default New to T4L from Mississippi

    My name is Robin. After my daughter went from A's and B's on her progress report to all D's and F's a few weeks later, I decided to get her into a program that could help. I felt helpless, watching my daughter struggle and not knowing what to do. My daughter is severely ADHD and cannot concentrate in a public school setting. Although I am not homeschooling my daughter full time, I am using the site as a afterschool/tutoring site that will help her to understand the material being taught at school. After doing some research, I felt that T4L is exactly what my daughter needs to help her get back on track and to help her in the public school, maybe even get her ahead. Any tips would be great!


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    Robin, we are glad to have you! Time4Learning is a great afterschool review for your daughter. I also have an ADHD daughter and find that ADHD is considered more of a boy issue than a girl issue it is hard for girls with ADHD to get the attention they need. I pulled my daughter ought of public school in the middle of 1st grade because they tended to want to punish her for her inattention and hyperactivity instead of trying to help her refocus. That was only one of the many reasons we decided to try homeschooling. We just began our first high school courses this year! It has been an interesting and fulfilling journey for us. As for tips, you could check out the T4L Getting Started Guide for some helpful hints. You might also check through the forums. There are a lot of experienced people out there dropping all kinds of helpful hints. I hope T4L works out for you as an afterschool program, and just remember, if you need to go onto fully homeschool your daughter, T4L works for that as well. Best of luck!
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