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    Hey, I'm Tonya Stamey. I have three children, my oldest son is getting ready to be 14 on the 29th. My daughter is 5 getting ready to start kindergarten in August. I also have a son that will be 1 on June 25th. I have been teaching my daughter preschool, and she knows a lot. She is ready for school, I really want to home school her but we are going to see how public school is with her and go from there. My oldest is having trouble in public school so we decided to do home school so we can control how he learns and I believe this program will be the best way for him to learn. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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    Hi there and welcome! So glad you found us! Don't you just love the flexibility of homeschool...even if you aren't homeschooling ALL of your children?

    Please take some time to poke around the boards here; see what conversations you can jump into and who you can meet. We have state homeschool forums where you can try and meet other members in your state. There's also this Hints and Help page, if you want to learn more about using the site (lesson plans, getting started, etc.).

    Good luck. Looking forward to seeing you around...
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    Hi, Stamey.
    Welcome to the homeschool community and Time4Learning. So glad you found us. We've been using T4L with our daughter for 5 years now, and still loving it. Have you gotten connected with any homeschool support groups in your area yet? It'll be a good place for your son to make friends with other homeschoolers. We have a local homeschool support group that has a drama club. They put on a couple of plays near the end of the school year which are a lot of fun for the kids in the show and for other families to come and watch. We just saw Little Mermaid last week. We even have a yearbook, which is mostly put together by the teens with the help of a couple of moms.

    As your son is getting into the high school years soon, this site may be helpful for you because they have great information and resources. Let's Homeschool High School.

    Well, I look forward to seeing you around the forums.
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