New to T4L - Spelling question 2nd & 7th graders - Suggestions please.
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    Default New to T4L - Spelling question 2nd & 7th graders - Suggestions please.

    I just joined T4L last week. I have used Spelling Power in the past as a Spelling curriculum. Does T4L quiz on Spelling, or should I quiz the 2nd grader on the rules she has learned? Not sure what to do about the 7th grader. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Hi, First of all, welcome to Time4Learning. We're glad to have you.

    You asked:
    > Does T4L quiz on Spelling...?
    Nope. Formal spelling lessons don't begin until fourth grade. In the younger grades, PreK-3rd, the emphasis is on phonics. There's so much phonics hat spelling is almost redundant.
    If you log into the Parent Login on Time4Learning, you can see detailed and current lesson plans.

    Or, on the website for quick reference, you can see the language arts and language arts extensions lesson plans for 2nd grade:
    2nd Grade Language Arts Lesson Plans - Time4Learning
    2nd Grade Language Arts Lesson Plans - Time4Learning
    (these are not updated and aren't as detailed as the ones in the parent admin section)

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    Hello. Welcome to T4L! We joined T4L a little over 4 years ago. We love it!!

    We use SpellingCity. I use it with each of my kids from elementary up through high school. For our older kids I use it for our science. SpellingCity has vocabulary that we can use, but for science we create our own vocabulary lists to work with. We just take the science vocabulary words from the lesson they're doing and make a list for them to reinforce what they're learning n each lesson. We also use vocabulary lists for whatever book they're presently reading. With our youngest, we found the vocabulary lists of Dolch sight words and sound-alikes very helpful...and she has fun playing the games. It's a fun way for her to challenge herself and learn.
    I'm sure my kids have come across the reading rules, but I've not put too much emphasis or tested them on the rules. They're pretty good spellers in spite of that...or because of it. They love to read, so I think that helps.
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