New to T4L-Summer School for child in Northern California
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    Default New to T4L-Summer School for child in Northern California

    Hi everyone,

    I just signed up with T4L and I am so excited for my daughert. She is going into the 7th grade and I would like for her to review all 6th grade work and maybe jump ahead to some 7th grade work as well. She is not as excited, but it gives her something to do for a couple of hours a day instead of being on the computer playing games, or watching t.v all day. There were no summer camp programs in our area, so I am glad that I found this one.

    I may continue to use it as an after-school supplement to my child attending public school. I know that some of us have our concerns with public school, which I do. However, I cannot afford private and I am not sure I can dedicate the time to home-school her. So this is my other option.

    See you in the forums,


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    Welcome to the forum Jackie. It's so nice to meet you. I have a nine year old son. Okay he will be ten next week. We have used tie4learning since he was in preK as our main curriculum. I love it. You might want to check out the forum for people who are using it as a summer supplement. Also the California Forum. Look around and enjoy.
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    Welcome Jackie,

    I too have been thinking about doing the very thing you are thinking about but I will wait and see if we finally get a teacher who is willing to assign homework first or not.

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