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    Hello everyone

    I am a parent of a very busy 7th grader entering the 8th grade in the fall. There were a lot of change over in her school this year and even though she made a 3.68. Im not sure what it's based on. Im not secure in the consistance of substitutes and teaches that started and quit in the course. In english she had 2 diffrent teachers thats not too bad however science she had six teacher in one school year. I'm hoping that this course will ensure that she is ready for the 8th grade as were looking for Case Tech to pick her up or Detroit School of Performing Arts.

    Ive read good reviews about this program the price is affordable I hope that this works out for her. Please feel free to offer any suggestions out there.

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    Hello, and welcome! I'm sorry that your daughter experienced problems in school, but I'm glad to read that T4L might be a great alternative for you guys. I would suggest you just poke around the boards. The program can be used in so many ways, and in the forums you can see how other families take advantage of everything T4L offers.

    There are a couple of links I can recommend you read, just to help you kinda get started. The first is this Welcome to Homeschooling guide. It's got a lot of great info, but it's not super long or overwhelming to try and get through. The other is this Getting Started with Time4Learning guide. It's a great tool in learning more about the program, navigating the site, etc.

    I would also love to see you join the Michigan homeschool forum we have here. It can be a great resource in keeping up with homeschool happenings in MI, asking questions and sharing your experiences, and you might even find other homeschoolers that are local to you.

    Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you around the forum...
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    Hi Mashia,

    Welcome to the T4L family! So glad you are here. The forum is a great place to make new friends. Be sure to check out the links Katie posted, and visit your state's forum.

    Best wishes.

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