New to Time4Learning. Homeschooling in MS
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    Good afternoon parents! This year is our first year homeschooling. We are brand new to Time4Learning. Traditional homeschool was NOT going well for us and our 7 year old second grader. We came here hoping and praying that she would do better with an online curriculum! We have been using for 4 days now and things are going a lot smoother, even though we are still on a very bumpy road. :-/ We are still trying to learn the site and the system but I think we are coming along well! Any advice would be wonderful!!

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    Hi there, and welcome! When we started with T4L, my son was also a second grader. He's still using (and loving) T4L, and he started 9th grade this year! We are techie-junkies, and will do whatever we can to avoid traditional textbooks/workbooks, so having an interactive, online program like Time4Learning, really fit well with all of us.

    As far as help goes, I would recommend you take a look at this Welcome to Homeschooling guide (great for new homeschoolers) and this Hints and Help page (awesome resource for learning how to use the T4L site).

    Also, you should pop into the Mississippi homeschool forum. That's the best place to try and find other homeschoolers near you.

    I know it's hard, to not be nervous when you're first starting out. But don't worry about those bumps...they will smooth themselves out.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted as to how things are going for you guys!
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