New to using curriculum for my 7th grader
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    Default New to using curriculum for my 7th grader

    I have been homeschooling with my only child since Kindergarten. We're new to using specific curriculum. So far she is finding the lesson information easy, but doesn't always understand what format they are looking for in the program. She also says she find the many characters in the program to be patronizing.

    We're going to stick with Time4Learning for now. It's really hard to find any suitable curriculum for secular science (and other subjects).

    Depending upon how things continue to go as she gets used to using Time4Learning we may put her up a grade in some subjects. That's one of the things that drew me to this program, along with the secular lessons.

    I am having some trouble figuring things out between me and my child using the lessons. I cannot seem to find any reports. I do see lessons as checked off on her profile.

    I also can not find her first oddessy writer assignment anywhere for me to view. I've been reluctant to open it in her account since it seems like any time a segment is reopened, everything resets completely.

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    Default Re: New to using curriculum for my 7th grader

    It sounds like you might not yet be familiar with your parent account. You can find her reports there. Just log in and click on the "Reports" icon in the left sidebar.

    When she finishes an Odyssey Writer assignment, she needs to click the little "Hand In" icon at the top, and then select a fictitious teacher to "hand it in" to.That doesn't actually hand it in to anyone. It just causes it to be marked as completed and to become clickable within her reports. You should check her reports each day (and be sure you are checking beneath the actual "Reports" icon and not just the "Recent Work" icon). When you notice an Odyssey Writer assignment with a link that says "N/A" in the score column, you can click the link to view, print, and manually grade her writing assignment.

    Things shouldn't be resetting when you click on them again . . . with the exception of tests and quizzes, which will be somewhat different each time they are attempted. A few test or quiz questions are taken from a large bank of potential questions, to allow a student to retake those without just memorizing the questions on the test.

    Let us know if you have other questions!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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