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    Hi! I'm Janie and this week I'm starting to homeschool my 14 y/o, 8th grader, Chase. He was homebound most of last year due to extreme fatigue, and didn't get started to school this year following a diagnosis of severe anxiety. The school has refused to work with us/his counselor (the principal said to "take a tylenol and come to school") so homeschooling it is. This is all new to me- hopefully we can get the hang of it and get him caught up. On top of homeschooling, I'm in grad school-so life is hectic and

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    Hi, Janie! Welcome.
    I have 4 children and we've been homeschoolers since 1999 (the first child I homeschooled was not my own!). One of them is a homeschool graduate, currently in her first year of college. The others are 16, 14 and 5. Let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything!

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