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    Hi everyone. Today is our first day using T4L. A little confusing but I think we're getting it. I have a 13 yr old girl in 7th grade and a 10 yr old boy in 5th grade. I started homeschooling b/c my husband's job keeps him on the road all the time and to different states every 6 months to a year, if not more. I love the idea of homeschooling. Right now we are in Pinehurst, North Carolina. If anyone has any quick guides in lamens terms about first day using T4L, it would be helpful. I read the introduction and my kids have completed their first assignments in their first subjects & I checked their progress and my son has no grade on his first assignment. (Is every assignment suppose to have a grade once completed? ) and my daughter didn't fair so well on her first assignment, being confused and doing for the first time. (Can she re-take that assignment? ) So, any little tidbits would be great! Thanks!

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    Hi there, and welcome! Sorry about the delay in responding to your post...

    Homeschooling sounds like it could be a great thing for your traveling family; it's definitely tough to change schools so often. I know you said you read an introduction, but I would like to share this Hints and Help page. It's pretty thorough, and might be helpful to you.

    Not all activities are graded. For the ones that aren't, the student records simply show completed or incomplete. As far as retaking an assignment, sure your child can retake the lessons, and even quizzes and tests, as often as they need to. Having said that, if it's a graded activity, the program keeps ALL of the grades, which can lower the overall average score.

    Please poke around the boards to see what conversations you can jump into, and who you can meet. We do have a North Carolina homeschool forum where you can try and connect to other members locally, and you can try and keep up with homeschool happenings in the state.

    Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you around!
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