Newbie Here! Hi, everyone!
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    Question Newbie Here! Hi, everyone!

    I'm super sure I'll have so many questions, but....haha, I have one I'm looking for help on as soon as some one can! Firstly, I'm Jen! Hi! My son, Noah is 12 and he has anxiety and w/that came school refusal, we were denied Home Bound School through our County which I was going to try to help him get back into a comfort zone and after a month or two go back into Public School fresh. Well, they denied, so this Mama went a route I've looked into over the years and simply by being on here since Thursday afternoon, I kinda wish I had!

    Well, here's my Q...So, since we are starting this in the almost middle of the school year, I know not yet if the County will include his Semester 1 grades along w/our program, we haven't gotten all the information about that yet, I haven't even formally w/d him from school, just notified the county and they accepted my notification at this point. Anywhoodles, So I made Friday our first official day which whoa, I guess I should not have, b/c the planner, I used a calculated curriculum, especially for starters since I'm a NEWBie! So, it started our first day as Monday, the 15th, so we technically started already 4 days late. Sigh. So, we have 19 activities per week b/c I still chose the end date to be when the kids would get out. I did not include Holidays or Spring Break which I still want to give him, so I guess the MAIN question many activities are normal for a week, even if we started late? And, do we HAVE to complete all 19? I know it's my choice and we go at his pace, but I'm looking for an "in general" kind of answer.

    Thanks a billion, I WILL be back with more, you've been warned! LOL!!!

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    Default Re: Newbie Here! Hi, everyone!

    Hi Jen! I'm sorry this is a late response! I was digging back into the forums and spotted your questions. #1)While I don't know what state you're in, please be certain you have followed through to formally withdraw your child if you haven't already. (I saw where you shared you had sent in notification but I don't know if that is all that is required.)

    2)The # of activities per day does vary greatly depending on the subject, grade level and whether you are schooling year round, # of breaks, etc. Then there are those "Life Happens" days which you truly cannot plan for (ex. a pipe break under the house that MUST be dealt with pronto!) It also can be impacted on how your child processes information. There may be some subject your child breezes through... and others that he may need to repeat a lesson to understand the concept.

    As you transition from a different school, you also may find learning gaps where you will need to drop back to cover a specific concept at a lower grade level to help with understanding.

    You've likely discovered with so many variables the answer just may vary... and all are *ok* as long as you are able to watch your child gain confidence and keep moving forward.

    Even though you have already started, you may find some of these tips helpful: 4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

    Stop back by and let me know how you and Noah are doing!


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