Newbie here from NC. My story
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    Default Newbie here from NC. My story

    <SPAN style="COLOR: #000080"><SPAN style="COLOR: #dda0dd"></SPAN><SPAN style="COLOR: #000080"><FONT size=3>Hello everyone! I am a homeschooling mom of 2 kids, ages 11 and 8. We took our kids out of public school at the end of January this year. I would like to tell you why we decided to do homeschooling. First off, our son has had problems in school since he started kindergarten. We took him to a few doctor appointments and he was diagnosed with ADHD. They had him on meds at 5 years old. Years went by, meds were changed, but we never saw an improvement. The last medication he was on we paired with Intuive (sp?) Our son suddenly gained 30lbs. within a few months. He didn't have a growth spurt...he got huge. It may sound awful coming from a mother but it's true. My thin little boy suddenly gained so much weight that we couldn't find clothes that fit. He was over 130lbs! He's less than 5ft. tall! I decided that was enough and stopped the meds completely. Of course, because he wasn't a "zombie" in school anymore, the teachers were begging us to put him back on meds. We said no. Our son's health is a whole lot more important than making their lives easier,&nbsp;I always suspected that there was something else. So we finally found a doctor that was willing to listen to us and the reasons we didn't think ADHD or ADD was the problem. Last year he was finally diagnosed with high functioning autism. Which is the reason meds never worked. Fast&nbsp; forward a few months later and several talks with the school about changing his IEP (which they refused to do) They even said, after we gave them to note from the doctor stating that he was dignosed with autism,&nbsp; that they needed THEIR psychologist&nbsp;to evaluate him.. He was already in a couple classes to "help" him in certain areas. we never knew what was actually going on in those classes. After Christmas break, the night before school started back, our son became upset ansd was crying about being bullied&nbsp;. He couldn't give names though. maybe one or 2. He has always had a hard time discussing things that are bothering him. So we decided to hide a&nbsp;digital recorder on him and see what we could find out. We found out it wasn't the other students, but his teachers. The same teachers in the classes that were supposed to be helping him. A week went by of listening to these teachers treat him like a piece of dirt. The final straw was when one teacher YELLED at him for&nbsp; reading a writing prompt on the board out loud. He has to read things out loud if he doesn't undertand them in order to comprehend what it says. that was it. We decided there was no way we as parents were going to force our son to endure bullying from the very people who were supposed to be guiding him and teaching him. That's when we decided to start homeschooling.&nbsp; After registering&nbsp;and getting all of the paperwork in order we went to the school and&nbsp;told them we would be taking both of out kids out of school and they would be attending homeschool. They never said&nbsp;anything, never tried to get us to reconsider. They don't know about the recordings either.&nbsp; So that is our story about&nbsp;why we began homeschooling. It hasn't been all...but we don't regret it one bit. &nbsp;</FONT></SPAN></SPAN>

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    Welcome to the T4L Family, Jeslynne! First of all, I am so sorry you and your child had to experience such atrocities at public school, but I can honestly say I am NOT surprised. My DD (ADHD, Anxiety, CAPD...) was bullied by her special reading teacher and her P.E. teacher when she was in second grade. I am a former public and private school teacher and I never acted that way. There is NO excuse for it...they should be fired!

    Anyway, I want to give you a few links to help make your transition to homeschooling a little easier. First, here is a super e-book written by veteran homeschoolers just for new homeschooling families. It is comprehensive without being overwhelming. Second, here are hints and tips for using Time4Learning, and finally, here is a link to Vocabulary Spelling City. Lots of our users utilize Spelling City and love it. It is a free site, but they do offer a superb (and cheap) Premium Edition.

    Also, be sure to check out your state's subforum here at the Parent & Community Forum. It's a great way to make new friends, find neat ideas, and learn about things going on in your state.

    Be sure to keep us in the loop, and best wishes to you.

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