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Thread: Newbie with questions - help please

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    Question Newbie with questions - help please

    Hi all!

    I am new to both the Homeschooling world and to Time4Learning.

    My son is entering 6th grade this year and we have chosen to do a mix of online courses and courses through a Homeschool tutorial. Much of his core curriculum will be covered in the tutorial, however, we are doing Social Studies through Time4Learning.

    My question is does the Time4Learning curriculum stand on its own or am I going to need to supplement. I think what confused me (overwhelmed me - if it is possible to be even more so at this point!!) is the lesson plan page. Is this a way for me to follow along with his progress, aside from what the progress that I check and can print from on his page, or is this stuff in addition to what he is doing? The worksheets - is that something extra to print out?

    I think I was under the impression that the curriculum was all inclusive online; lessons, practice, quizzes, tests, etc, etc. Am I wrong?

    This is a subject that he loves and I was hoping to encourage his independence with having him be able to log on, do his work and I check in on him....

    Does this make sense?

    I am feeling, and sounding, very discombobulated at the moment

    Thanks for your input and guidance!

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    Okay, take a deep slow breath. Pour yourself a big glass of sweet tea and spend some time reading the forums. You will probably want to join the Tennessee Parent Forum. Another thing that might help is the Getting Started Guide.

    Time4Learning is pretty much a stand alone curriculum. You may have to supplement on some specific areas that your state may require. For instance we are required to teach state history. Not every state requires this so you will need to check out what your state laws are. I did not see anything in Tennessee law that lists any required subjects but I did not read it closely.

    Here is how I use the lesson plans. At the beginning of the year I print out the lesson plan for each subject. Every day after my son does his work, I go to the backpack to see how he did that day. I write his scores right on the lesson plan that I have printed out. That way I have a written record of how he is doing in each subject. I can see if he needs to do a lesson over again or if I need to work with him on something. Maybe I need to get a book from the library to help him further understand the subject. Things like that. If he is doing very well, I may let him skip through a few lessons and only do the tests and quizzes. At the end of the school year I print the report for each subject. I keep all of this in a notebook along with attendance records. This way we have a written copy of how he is doing and what progress he has made. I do this because I have a number of health issues. I want my husband to have access to his records easily in case anything would happen that would require my son to go to school.

    The lesson plans can also be printed out and handed in for those who live in states that require a detailed curriculum. Again, I don't see this as a requirement for you.

    Almost all of the material is online. There are worksheets that can be printed out and used but you don't have to use them. I find that they are good if your child needs extra work in one area. They are also good if you need to show a portfolio of the child's work which Tennessee does not require as far as I know.

    Your son should absolutely be able to sit down and do his lessons by himself. My fifth grader still has some reading difficulty and he has a very short attention span so I still sit with him and help him with the reading and focus.

    The most important thing is to relax. Enjoy your time with your child at home. These are precious years that we will never get back. Have fun while learning.
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    N's Mom,
    I'm moderator over on the Tennessee forum and would like to personally invite you to come visit us over there!
    I hope Kathi answered all of your questions, but if not, just ask them again, in a different way and we will figure out an answer for you LOL.

    My daughter is finishing 6th and beginning some 7th grade work. I still sit with her for the most part, the ADHD makes it hard for her to concentrate sometimes. She is also not very self-motivated, again I think it is an ADHD thing, because she loves to learn, she just isn't motivated to move forward very quickly. Anyway, many 6th grade kids don't need a parent to sit with them, others need a little more attention.
    If you think that your son needs supplementing on a certain topic, or has a special interest in a topic, then you might consider letting him do a special project. This would take the basic information T4L presents, then expanding by letting him do lap books, unit studies, internet or library research, and a hands on project related to that subject. When my daughter was younger we did a volcano/earthquake study, a dinosaur study, and in social studies we added building a castle, and a visit to Medieval Times to the Mediaval period study. We made food from that period, and my daughter made a coat of arms, shield, and sword. She still talks about that lesson set.
    In most subjects I have found that Time4Learning has more available content per subject than would be covered in the public school my daughter would go to, so I figure as long as we are doing more than public school she will learn what she needs to, if that makes sense.
    Happy homeschooling, and come visit us in the Tennessee forum!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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