Newbie..scheduling?..Interesting first day!
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Thread: Newbie..scheduling?..Interesting first day!

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    Red face Newbie..scheduling?..Interesting first day!

    Part of our reason for homeschooling is so my son and I can "sleep in"! First day (4th grader)...I started him on his F4L lessons at about 11 am (a little later than the 10 am I was planning). I had generated an activity scheduler (but I forgot to reference it). He decided to try the math first. He got through a week and a half of lessons. Then we took about an hour off for lunch where I did have him help prepare (doing measuring, etc). After lunch, he got on the Language Arts section. He got so involved in the lessons he ended up completing the whole month of lessons by 4pm!! So I told him tomorrow we would do LA Ext & Soc. Studies....then maybe some Science & something artsy on Weds. Does anyone else do it this way?? Certain subjects on certain days?? Or is it better to try to get a little of each subject in each day?? He has gymnastics & hockey 3 days a week at 6 pm and I am getting him enrolled in private music lessons which will be once a week. I know I need to incorporate some "book" time as well. I was looking at some home schooling schedule ideas online to try to get a better idea of how to schedule his day. Once person said they go to the public library at least once a week....I like that idea...I'll schedule a library day! I feel our first day went pretty good with all he got completed! I just have to figure out a good schedule of what we are going to work on each day and stick to it! I don't mind if he gets ahead in the work...but I don't want him to get burned-out either! Anyone who wishes to post their child's schedule based on the T4L curriculum, it would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Scheduling for any schooling outside of the traditional setting is challenging. I have 2 students in T4L a sixth grader and a 3rd grader. I have found the activity scheduler in the parent tab area of T4L to be very helpful. I love it! I assigned the dates Nov. 1, 2013 through June 6 2014 and then the areas or curriculum. It automatically breaks down the work for the school year and I have my kids work off this schedule.
    For holidays and weeks that you may be planning to travel you can adjust accordingly. But it is a wonderful time management and academic pacing tool.

    My kids work very dynamically. That is to say that I do not require certain subjects or each subject to be done every day. But that's the ESE teacher in me. As long as kids are learning I am not particular about the order. However, I do require that by the week's end they have all work completed that has been assigned for that week in all subjects. Some days my kids work in all subjects, other days they stay in one or two and finish the rest as the week progresses. My kids attend from 8:30 everyday until 3:30 but that is because we usually work on a shortened week which allows them freedom for trips and other learning experiences. My kids are also very used to virtual school and highly intrinsically motivated which allows for greater control over their schedules and extracurricular time.

    I am probably a little tougher because I am a certified school teacher, so I expect the same rigor that my kids would have in a public school. Again this is a very personal decision. I require a score of 75% or above on all quizzes tests to show mastery of content knowledge. If they score less on an assessment, then I reteach and reassess to ensure mastery.

    How long you schedule each day is a very personal decision. Please remember that if your son is coming from a traditional setting like public school, he was getting a minimum of 3.5-4 hours of hard academic instruction daily. Although he was at school 6+ hours a day, you have to subtract lunch, transitions, resource (music, PE, computers) and recess which usually accounts for 1.5 to 2 hours of lost time per school day.

    Your son will learn his own comfort level with academic vs. free time.
    In your case with a heavy sport schedule, the first few weeks will probably be trial and error. Just make sure to don't compromise your objectives which is to home school your son. You will find your groove and settle in. I love the idea of a library day. I am a huge proponent of libraries, aquariums, museums, zoo's and so many educational venues. You may also want to hook up with a local homeschooling support group to find out what they are doing. Many of these get group rates for different events and locations.

    I wish you and your son the best.
    I believe you will find T4L a wonderful experience.

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    I don't think it matters if you work for a few hours on one subject each day or if you work a little on each subject. It is all about what works best for your child. If your child prefers to concentrate on one subject a day than do it. I think as long as he covers all the subjects over the course of a week you're fine. My son prefers to work on one or two subjects. We try to do Language Arts and Math on Monday and Wednesday and Science and Social Studies on Tuesday and Thursday. We are very relaxed about the process. As long as he is learning I'm happy.
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    Like the other ladies said, this is an individual choice. Whatever works best for your family and even for your individual children.
    I think it's important to do reading, writing and math every day, especially in the upper elementary grade levels. Science and history/social studies can be done 1x a week, unless it's a subject they particularly enjoy or we're doing an in-depth study on a particular topic. At one time we were studying Monarch butterflies and had several of them in our backyard. But for the most part, we do those subjects once a week in elementary. We're not doing this right now, but we hired a park ranger and got a group of kids together for a 1x a week class. We'd meet at the park and take short hikes followed by a short study with the park ranger. That was fun. We did that for several years. We also have a library day.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the advice and support! Yeah I figure it will take a couple of weeks for us to get into the swing of this! I am glad to hear that people do different schedules and it fine for us to do whatever works! I didn't want to pull my son off of a subject if he is enjoying the lessons plan and getting the work done. Like you said, I will just have to make sure everything that should be done for that week gets done, no matter what day it gets done!!
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