Not new to homeschooling but new to T4L... questions
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    Default Not new to homeschooling but new to T4L... questions

    We started homeschooling in 1999 with our boys. They have since graduated in 2007, 2010 and 2011. Two have finished their associate degrees and are working, the youngest is a US Marine. Now I'm homeschooling our daughter, who is 6, and honestly I'm a bit burned out on unit studies, classical, etc. We've been very eclectic over the years. My daughter does go to a classical co-op and takes 4 classes once a week. She has homework from that and then of course I tried to do a full classical curriculum on top of that and she is just not enjoying it and neither am I.

    So, I'm giving T4L a try for Math and Language Arts. Do you all use the LA extensions? Is this really enough for a core? And then just do her enrichment classes on top of that along with fun things? We seem to never have time for fun things.

    Can it be done on an iPad? We are on the go a lot now because we take care of my mom and she has lots of dr. appointments.


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    Hi and welcome to Time4Learning. I also have older kids and a little one. My older ones are much older than yours and my little guy is ten. We have used Time4Learning since he was in preK. It is our main curriculum. We do fill in a lot with trips to historical sites, environmental centers, science museum, art museum, and soccer. In the beginning I did not use Language Arts Extensions. I just didn't see any need to have both Language Arts and Language Arts Extensions. But I soon learned that they teach very different things. Language Arts focuses on things like learning what kind of genre a story is or how to tell the main point of the story. Language Arts Extensions focuses more on things like blending letter sounds and things like that. Both are very important to learning to read and comprehending what you read. We have had to play catch up with the extensions. But we now do both.

    I think I read that the program is now available on the iPad but I will have to check in to that to be sure. I don't have an iPad. We want to get my son a Nook. I'm hoping it will work on that.

    You might want to go to the parent forum for your state. You can find that at the top of this page in the drop down menu that says state forums. Please feel free to come back with any questions you might have.
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