Prom for highschoolers
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    Default Prom for highschoolers

    Im Shelley Schneider, Ive been homeschooling my 17 year old son for a year now due to chronic health issues. Its sad to see he cant participate in public school social activities like prom unless someone from the school invites him. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Default Re: Prom for highschoolers

    Sometimes we assume our kids have the same priorities as we do. A lot of teenage boys (and girls) don't care about the prom, but we moms want the pictures and stuff. So my first piece of advice would be to make sure it's important to him and, if not, just let it go.

    If it is important to him, search "homeschool prom" and your state. If that doesn't return anything that helps, search just "homeschool prom", as they are a couple really big ones that aren't state-specific every year.

    If you belong to a homeschool co-op, you can approach them about organizing a prom locally. If you know other homeschoolers, you can do that yourself. Even three or four couples can have a nice evening.

    That's what I did when one of my daughters wanted a "real" graduation ceremony. Three other families and I got together and borrowed a church for the evening. We each prepared a three-minute slideshow of pictures from our graduates' life, each graduate made a short speech, we had tables set up for each of them with their graduation picture and keepsakes like Scout awards and workbooks. We printed invitations that looked a lot like public school graduation invitations and didn't really say much about it being a "homeschool graduation". We had a huge crowd.

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