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    Hi, my name is Stefani, my sons and I are from upstate New York. After years of people discrediting and trying to shut me down about homeschooling my town said sign him up or be charged for neglect! So Time4learning homeschooling got was, and it was the best choice! I know that the seasons here are getting colder but I will be looking to possibly start some sort of homeschooling play dates with anyone in our area. The school we are approved through said we are the first homeschoolers in the town since the late 70s! So I am here to say hello and Welcome too

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. I'm not entirely familiar with New York's homeschooling laws, but I've heard they can be challenging. Thanks for sharing your success story. You might want to check out the New York parents' forums, to see if you can connect with others in your area. While you are there, maybe you can help some of the other New York parents who have questions about your state.

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