Send Hello to Everyone from Myrtle Beach, SC!!!!!
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    Smile Send Hello to Everyone from Myrtle Beach, SC!!!!!

    Hello parents!!!

    My name is Gretchen Howard. I have a 13 year old daughter I have been homeschooling for over a year now. I took her out in the middle of her 6th grade year. She was passed in the 5th grade but she didn't master things that affected her catching her to her 6th grade coursework.

    This has been a hard journey for us. One because I have NO teaching skills. I have a degree but it was not in education. Second, I am disabled and have a learning disability. Third, my daughter was very resistant in doing her work. We started with T4L but she was just rushing thru her work. We tried another program. But it was too difficult for her to understand how to do the work. So I just stopped teaching her from books and online courses for a while. I, instead started teaching her LIFE skills.

    I taught her how to cook all of her favorite meals and desserts. I taught her how to wash clothes. I taught her the family business. I run a doggie adoption service and I taught her to assist me in delivering puppies, caring for sick puppies, and how to look for quality parents for puppy placement.

    Now that we made the decision to look at transitioning her BACK into regular school here in Myrtle Beach, she now wants to do her work and care that she passes her quizzes and test on T4L and additional worksheets I get for her as reinforcement.

    I am very proud to grade her work because I see that she is actually trying. Since we are starting late, we will have NO break til close to the end of June! I will then have her tested to make sure that she have mastered all the things she needs to have mastered going into the 8th grade.

    To everyone that is reading this, there is NO accident why if fell on you to homeschool your baby. You don't have to be a "teacher" or know all the answers. As long as you know your child and your heart, you will be LEAD to what you need to do to get thru this time!!! I have faith in you!!

    Gretchen Howard, owner
    Small Barks
    Welcome to Small Barks!!!!

    And PROUD Homeschool Mama!!!!

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    Welcome Gretchen~ Glad to hear your daughter is doing much better. Sounds like you made good choices. Best wishes to you both this year.

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