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    Well I'm not new to homeschooling but I'm new to T4L ~ I've been using one curriculum for 6 years K - 5 and actually my oldest is in the 5th grade now. There is so much book work with the curriculum we use and it's really starting to become "WORK" and NO FUN. I knew it was time to incorporate a great fun site that would make school FUN!!!! I do believe I found it and praying it stays FUN for them. We have 3 kids and they're in grades 5th, 3rd, & 2nd they've done a couple of assignments this afternoon and see EXCITED!!!! I just hope I can get all of this figured out soon! I do wonder since I started in January and want to get done with school by May ~ what do I do about all these assignments? Guess we'll figure this one out LOL!
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    Welcome to T4L, momtof3!! I know that feeling we love our T4L time, the boys just were getting a bit tired of all the "book" related learning! Been using it for almost 5 years and my boys (well the youngest the oldest aged out this year , YIKES 9th grade) still love it!
    As far as wanting to get thru all the assignments I just figured how many there were and how days I was going to have the boys do T4L and divide it all out. I think that I had them do 2 LA/2 LA ext/ 2 Math a day and we got thru it well before the year was up! BUT then they decided on their own to go up to the next level!! LOVE THAT FEATURE!
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    You can also pick and choose what concepts to cover. If it's something they've already done, you can skip it.

    You should also be aware - There is no Science for 7th or 8th grades, and no Social Studies for 8th grade. My daughter is 6th grade, so I've got her in the 4th grade Science and 5th grade Social Studies, which are both challenging for her. That way, she'll have activities in those areas for the next 2 grade levels.

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