So happy to have found T4L and this forum!
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    Default So happy to have found T4L and this forum!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm brand new to T4L, but not to homeschooling. I've been homeschooling my daughter (7) for a few years, and started with my son (just turned 5) last year. My daughter is well above her grade level in English and Reading, but on a 1st grade Math level. My son is at the Pre-K level. I was so excited when we did the trial activities before signing up for T4L, because both of them were really interested and loved the activities. Tomorrow will be our first real day using the program, but my daughter has already begun poking around the site a bit and has done a few of the activities. They're both really excited about it. I'm hoping that it will help me with my son, who isn't the most academically inclined (he could generally care less about school) because I've seriously been struggling with getting him to learn. He's in Speech Therapy 3 times a week, twice with the public school in our parish (we live in LA), and once a week with a private Speech Therapist. He's the exact opposite of my daughter, who was always incredibly willing and excited to learn. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a struggle, but I really feel that me discovering T4L was a huge blessing for us and couldn't have come at a better time. I think it will help reinforce the things my daughter already knows and will be an excellent substitute in subjects that I had difficulty finding good materials for (Science and Social Studies, anyone?). My son loves anything to do with the computer, so I think it will be an excellent learning tool for him.

    All that said, I was wondering how you guys use T4L as a homeschooling tool. Do you use it as your core curriculum, or do you use it as a supplement to things you're teaching yourself in your own homeschool setting? I'm fairly sure that it will be a supplement for my daughter and the basic core curriculum for my son. The one thing I do know for certain is that I do NOT want my children in the public school system here, nor do I want them in the one private school that is in the area. At least half of the teachers in the private school aren't certified, and I know first hand what the academic standard is there, because I went there myself from K-12 grade.

    I am (or was) a certified teacher in the state of Louisiana, though I'm sure my certification has expired by now. It's always been a no-brainer for me to homeschool my children while we are living here, because I feel that I will be able to give them a far better education than they would receive elsewhere. Also, with the way my husband works (oil field), it is really nice to be able to take vacations when we are able to instead of working around the school schedule. I think that having T4L will aid us even further in those areas, because I won't have to lug around all my other teaching materials if we decide to go with him...we can just log on to T4L and do their work there!

    I'm very excited about this new journey that lies ahead for us, and I can't wait to "meet" more home-schoolers and learn from you. I only wish we'd found this site years ago!
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    Welcome to To answer your there are some of us who use this as a core and others who use it as a tool. It all depends on what works for your family. There are some who will pick out certain subjects to use as a core but then use another curriculum to use as a core for another subject. That is the great part of

    It will work with what every will work for your family.

    Welcome again.
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    Hi, MamaTeacher22. Your excitement is so refreshing and infectious.
    That's how excited I was to find T4L over 4 years ago.
    We use T4L for our youngest dd. She is at 2nd and 3rd grade levels. Right now we use it as our main curriculum. Apart from T4L, we also do handwriting/copywork/dictation and a lot of reading. If she needs extra help grasping a particular math concept or to re-inforce something she is learning, we may go to a fun website with learning games. When she gets in the upper elementary grades, we may add more.

    Let me encourage you with your son that he sounds like a typical boy.....and he's only 5, so give him time. What boy wants to sit down and do workbooks or deskwork. lol. Have you read the book Bringing Up Boys? It helped me understand that boys truly are different and how to best motivate my son, to find his strengths and build on that....which are very different from my 3 daughters.

    Maybe you've come across this already, but I thought I'd share this link to hints and tips for using T4L. You'll find that T4L is such an easy site to use. But if you ever need any help, the customer support team is very helpful and friendly. Also, feel free to ask questions here at the forums any time. Have you gone over to the forum for your state to introduce yourself?

    I look forward to seeing you around the forums more.

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