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    Hi! This is such a wonderful thing: parents helping parents! This yr. my 10 yr. old has had lots of struggles in the public school ,especially since his IEP was taken away last year cause his academic grades were considered fair. Cody has FAS. He is thin and sometimes forgets to eat so I find myself frequently calling school so an aide can watch that he eats.He needs fewer problems on a test as he easily gets confused when he sees a lot on a page. Math tends to be his weak subject,can't get cause and effect. Teacher told me three wks. Ago that he was doing fine but then his grade was an F in math. Just tired of dealing with the system. Since he is a more hands on student and good on a computer , sounds like this curriculum is just what he needs.

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    Welcome to the forums. It sounds like your son would do great with more one on one instruction. One thing that helps my son when he is feeling overwhelmed is to block out most of the page. He has a piece of cardboard that has a window in it. The window only allows him to see a couple of lines of text at one time. He can read this quite well. But he gets totally overwhelmed with too much text. You might be interested n our Special Needs forum.
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