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    Default starting at end of the year

    We just started homeschooling and only have 2 months left of the school year. any suggestions on where to start in T4L. They started with beginning of their grade but are bored and say it is easy. I have been letting them pick what they wanted to do. Should they work backwards? Still learning my way around the site.

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    First let me say Welcome to T4L I found this thread that talked about others that were just starting maybe some of those answers would help??

    BUT what I have done for my boys is.... have them take the test/quiz at the end of each subject (like poetry). If they score an acceptable grade for you then they move on without going over the material. I found when I first started homeschooling that my boys had gaps in what they had learned so it was good for us to review everything. BUT you all are more than welcome to start any where you want to in the program. I think that there is a building of skills though, but just test it and see how you all like it Thats my two cents!!
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    That's a great idea Panda, about taking the test THEN going back if the score indicates they need to really work on that subject matter. Thanks!

    Yeah...sheepish facepalm for not thinking of that myself. Five years later. Heh.
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