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    Default Starting tomorrow!

    Hi! I have a 6th grade daughter that will be starting tomorrow. She went to middle school for most of the year, but did k12 last year. She asked us over Christmas if she could homeschool again. It seems that she never had time for anything with how much homework she always seemed to have. Some of that is her getting distracting and taking much longer than necessary, but we got tired of all of that and decided to just bring her home. She's excited so far, but I just hope she remembers that she still has to work hard.


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    Default Re: Starting tomorrow!

    Hi, Colleen. Welcome to the forum!

    K12 is not homeschooling. K12 is online public school, which many people mistakenly refer to as "homeschooling". Since you said your daughter wants to "try homeschooling again", I want to make sure you know that there is a big difference, legally, in homeschooling (which is what Time4Learning is for) and using an online school like K12. My own family has enjoyed the freedom that comes with actually homeschooling and not being connected to a school. If you need more information about the difference between an online school and homeschooling, please let me know.

    Best wishes to you and your daughter! Please let us know how it's going in the general forum sections below.

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    Default Re: Starting tomorrow!

    Welcome, Colleen! I've been homeschooling since '99! Let us know if you have any questions.

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    Default Re: Starting tomorrow!

    Quote Originally Posted by irish1113 View Post
    Hi! I have a 6th grade daughter that will be starting tomorrow.
    So...How did your first week go? Is she motivated? Learning?
    Are you two having fun together?
    Are you finding your groove?
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    Default Re: Starting tomorrow!

    I also have a 6th grader and just am wanting to home school him there has been bullied @ school and on the bus so any help will be appreciative

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