Still planning but not yet sure
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    Default Still planning but not yet sure


    I'm Jamila and I've been planning to get my 7 year old son home-schooled. I'm thinking maybe next school year. I know it's important for him to spend time with other kids but it has been a very difficult year. My mom passed away and my son's getting bullied. He has autism and I think I really need to focus on him more. I work at home so maybe it would be better if I home-school him.

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    Default Re: Still planning but not yet sure

    Hi, Jamila. I'm sorry about your mom and your son's bullying issues. That's a lot to deal with.

    When I decided to homeschool my own kids, I reasoned that I wasn't going to "ruin" them during a one-year trial of homeschooling. We never looked back, and here it is 25 years later. Five of the six so far have either attended college or are attending college, all the adults have partners they have been with for years, and they have good jobs. We all have the same daily problems as any other human on the planet, but you can't tell they were homeschooled.

    If you decide to try for a year, do realize there will be good days and bad days . . . just as if they were in public school! The difference is that you will be right there in the thick of it, so the bad days will affect you more. I actually think that's a good thing, as it makes it easier to worth through things with your child. The problems will be different (no bullies when homeschooling), but there will still be things to overcome.

    I enrolled my own kids in lots of activities and they knew they were always free to bring a friend home with them. I went out of my way to make our home kid-friendly and welcoming, and I usually had to walk through the house at bedtime saying, "Okay . . . anyone who doesn't live here needs to go home now!" This was probably largely due to my well-stocked refrigerator!

    Anyway, you do have a lot happening right now to be making long-term decisions, but you can decide to "try" homeschooling at your son's age and, if it really isn't working, return to public school. A lot of parenting is trial-and-error like that. We don't have to get it right the first time!

    Time4Learning is a great curriculum for a parent who works at home . . . from one WAHM to another!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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