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    Hello all,
    My name is Nichole and we are taking the plunge into homeschooling with our oldest daughter. We have four children, two of whom are school age, and have been in public school since our oldest was in Kindergarten. I've often dreamed of homeschooling, but due to work -I was a US Marine- it was impossible. Now that I'm no longer active duty, we are tentatively stepping foot into this unknown territory. We were very lucky to be in an excellent school system, but our daughter is still struggling. I feel that perhaps, due to discontinuity between states' curriculum, stress from having both parents serve, etc., she has some pretty gaping holes in her foundation. The school has labeled her learning disabled, which actually was a help to her as she was able to get that one-on-one tutoring she needed, but I'm not sure she is learning disabled as much as just missing some pieces in her education. She is going into sixth grade this year, and in our ISD that is considered junior high, and I'm also not certain she is emotionally ready to be in junior high. She is not naive, but she is innocent. We are not Christian, so it was difficult to find something that is non-Christian based. Thank goodness for Time for Learning! My biggest problem, though, is how to tell her school we are homeschooling this year. I sort of feel like a freak for doing it. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome to time4learning!!! This adventure will be unlike any adventure you have ever be on. We have loved and hated our homeschooling. Our secret is not giving up!!! Be sure to stop by the Texas state forum to learn what you need to do for your state. Also you might want to check out the special needs forum. There might be more help on that forum also.

    Again Welcome to time4learning!
    Brandy - Christian (86), Wife (93), and Mother (boy 99, girl 07,boy 08). Homeschooling since 2003. Come check out our adventures in life and Time4Learning.com at Five in Training For Him.

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    Hello! I've heard from many homeschoolers that Texas is the best state for homeschooling.
    As for your question on how to tell your daughter's school, I would just mail them a copy of the Letter of Intent that I mail to the school board.....if it's that's even a requirement. You're going to come across people that think homeschooling is odd, but that's just because they don't know anyone who homeschools. You could be the first family to educate some in your own circle on the many benefits of homeschooling. Sixth grade is a good time to start. Middle school can be rough, especially for a child that is innocent or not emotionally ready, like you mentioned. I wish you the best! I'm sure your daughter will do great. You'll see how she will blossom from the one-on-one attention, but also from being with and learning with her parent.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here. We're all in this together and we're happy to help and share what we know and have learned on our homeschooling journeys.
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