Tamara, new homeschooled of 6th grade boy
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    Default Tamara, new homeschooled of 6th grade boy

    I'm brand new to homeschooling. My son has been thru a lot of family illness, near death & death that have taken emotional affects on him. The school system seemed to make it harder on him rather than support him, except for his teacher. He's a bright young man, but when he cries in the mornings before school my husband & I knew something had to change. I heard some good thongs about time4learning, looked it up & liked what I read. Now that's out in the open, any advice on how to be the best me I can be to bring out the best of my son & keep him excited & motivated to do his best with out over doing? Any & all suggestions accepted & appreciated! Thank you & looking forward to "chatting" with you.

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    Welcome Tamara to the T4Ling forums. I recommend that you check into the free Welcome to Homeschooling Guide.

    There is also a few forums to check out and find some great advice on. I would start with the Fourth through Eighth Grade and Members Chat on Using Time4Learning.

    That is a great place to start. There are many here that are in the simular type of situation that you have. Look forward to learning more about your and your family.
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