Testing for 1st graders!
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    Post Testing for 1st graders!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to T4L, but not new to homeschooling. We joined T4L last month (Jan 2012). My son was enrolled in the K12.com program through OHVA (Ohio Virtual Academy) when we were in Ohio, but we just moved back to NC in January 2012. I must say that the K12.com program is awesome, they have real teachers that they work with every day and do circle time with their teacher their classmates every day as well. My son misses it so much because it was literraly like being in a classroom but without actually being physically in a school building. He got to talk to his teachers and classmates via webchat and webcam, which he loved, because he is kind of a computer geek already.

    I was able to keep all of the main cirriculum work books that they provided us, and we still work out of those as well, so I have more than enough work to keep him busy, in addition to T4L.

    However, we moved back to NC right before OHVA was getting ready to do their "winter testing" for the kids, so I was really disappointed that he didn't get to be tested. Because since it was literraly a public school, you have to take your child to a conference center for semester testing to be done by their teacher. It was kind of hard knowing exactly where to pick up when I signed him up with T4L. A lot of the subjects, he had already been through with OHVA, so I didn't wanted to waste a lot of time going through the same thing.

    With that said, I would still need to test him before going into the 2nd grade, correct? If so, where do you get testing materials, because he will be turning 7 on March 6th. I've read through the NC Home Schooling Laws, but really didn't see any specifics about testing for his age group. I see that there are tests that you can order on different websites, and they are not cheap. How do I prepare him for this and where do I get the materials for it.

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    On this page, I found where it says that a 7 year old only needs to be tested sometime before their 8th birthday, then every 12 months thereafter. So, I would take that as you don't need to test him before he starts 2nd grade. Here is a website I found that has several different types of standardized tests that you can order, but you have probably already seen these...

    Testing - North Carolinians for Home Education

    As far as materials you would need to prepare him for the test, I don't know that I can offer any help there. :/ I have never purchased anything special. You may want to head over and join the NC homeschool forum and see if any of the members there have better advice.
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    Hello Cybermom!! Welcome to T4L!! Katie is right with all the links she posted for you He wouldn't have to be tested this, just by the end of next year. They have to be seven by the start of the school year from what I understand. I know what you are saying about testing costs, we do the Woodcock Johnson testing (oldest is ADHD and this is the best test for him - no time limits!) but you can use a ton of others, PASS, CAT and Iowa. If you are in a local support group they usually have someone that talks about testing this time of year!! Please stop by the NC forum and let us know if we can help out with anything else
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