Thinking of homeschooling my child yes or no?
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    Default Thinking of homeschooling my child yes or no?

    Hi Iím strongly thinking or have been thinking for quite a while that I want to homeschool my son. Heís now in kindergarten but I feel that homeschool would fit him and his personality better than public school and also because I feel public schools nowadays have a lot of bullying and negative influences that I donít want to happen to my son. Do you think Iím a bad mom for wanting to homeschool my child because of these main reasons any feedback will be greatly appreciated thank you.

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    Default Re: Thinking of homeschooling my child yes or no?

    If you're a bad mom, then I'm the WORST! I have homeschooled all six of my kids since the beginning and they are now 13, 16, 20, 25, 26, and 34. They began attending college at ages 16, 17, 16 and 16. My current sixteen-year-old starts college in a couple of weeks. My kids are an electronics engineer, two chefs, and a teacher. My current sixteen-year-old will be studying web development.

    My kids aren't perfect, and neither am I, but homeschooling has been a great choice for us. My thirteen-year-old has significant special needs (is developmentally about five years old). For my advanced kids, my average kids, and my child with special needs, I have been able to customize their program.

    It also takes less time than public school. You might be interested in this article: How Long is a Homeschool Day?

    It's not easy, but it's something I have enjoyed doing. I'm not sure I would recommend it for a parent that hated the idea and felt it was something they "should" do, unless they had no other choice.

    So, now you know my opinion about both sides! You might also be interested in Time4Learning's free Welcome to Homeschooling guide.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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