Trying to successfully homeschool my child with Dyslexia
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    Default Trying to successfully homeschool my child with Dyslexia

    We started here a couple of months ago. I am a mom of six, but only homeschooling my 4th grader right now. We are in the process of getting some definite diagnosis of Dyslexia, but his learning difficulties have been obvious since preschool. My main hope here is to see if anyone can help guide me on the best available options at Time4learning to help a dyslexic student.

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    Hi, Stehymomof6.
    You may want to post this question on the special needs forum also. Maybe members who are subscribed to that forum and have a child with Dyslexia will be able to answer your question from personal experience.

    I cannot personally give you specific tips for your child, but my daughter has Down syndrome and I really like that with T4L she can work alone on some subjects, which makes her feel more independent. We also appreciate that she can repeat lessons as many times as we need to. She requires a lot of repetition. And because she is weak in math and her strength is in reading, she can work at a lower grade level in math than she does in Language Arts.
    After she has worked independently, I check her scores to see how she did. The progress reports and the activity finder tool make this easy. If she doesn't score well, we simply repeat a lesson or a quiz.

    Here is a link to Time4Learning SiteMap. If you look at the top right-hand column, you can find a link to Hints-tips and tricks for Time4Learning members. I've found this sitemap helpful and keep it bookmarked.

    Also, here is a downloadable PDF on Successfully Homeschooling Your Child With Dyslexia. It may not be specific to schooling with T4L, but you may find some helpful information.

    having fun homeschooling and learning with my kids using T4L & T4W

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