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    Hello Everyone,
    We are new to homeschooling, I found Time4Learning while searching for curriculum and it has been a true blessing. My son has been having a really hard time this year. After trying to get help at school became a waste of time. We decided to do homeschooling. Time4Learning has been working out great however I’m wondering how many subjects are recommend in a day? I must admit I’m kinda struggling with how much is two little and how much is to much. Please help me!!
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    Welcome! How much to do each day really depends on your child, your state requirements and your expectations. From 2nd-8th grades (we didn't use a formal curriculum for k &1st) the most time we spent on t4l work was 3hrs a day, with most days being between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hrs. I try not to do all subjects each day, as that seems overwhelming. I tried to get in math every day, then alternated : Mon & Wed Science & social studies, Tue & Thurs language arts & la ext. Friday was catch up day or free day. We would do 1 lesson (2-3 activities, if more than 3 activities in a lesson, we did it over 2 days) per day for those subjects.
    I say TRIED to do it that way, because sometimes it didn't work out. Math would take longer, so we only did it that day or C was really interested in the social studies topic, so we spent all the time on it one day & doubled up on science the next. By homeschooling, you have to flexibility to do that.

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