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Thread: What I like about T4L

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    We joined T4L 2 months ago and it has really been a great help. My son (9) was a grade or more behind in school and had great difficulty focusing. It was torture for him to pick up a book or take a test and he was completely distracted in a classroom of 25 kids. When we started Time4Learning 2 months ago we started at 3rd grade level and he could barely do it. I was really worried but we just did a little each day, along with LOTS of me reading short, colorful books to him, and soon he was reading books on his own and keeping up with the 3rd grade curriculum. Every week I saw more and more improvement in his ability to focus, to understand what he was reading and to answer questions about what he read. After about a month he was doing so well I had him start doing 4th grade work (which is his grade level) and he has been doing awesome! He is also devouring the 20-30 books we get each week from the library. His confidence is soaring and so is mine. I used to read all his quiz questions to him to make sure he understood them and now I don't need to. In my observation he has caught up a full year in just 2 months of T4L.

    I have the opposite situation with my daughter (8). She was several grades ahead and was qualified for the gifted program in her school but it doesn't start until 3rd grade. With T4L she can work ahead of her grade level and stay challenged which is wonderful.

    We typically have "classroom" time in the morning and then we reinforce what they've learned with T4L in the afternoon. This way I can still teach which I enjoy so much, but I have the convenience of having my curriculum and lesson plans done for me as well as have access to worksheets, quizzes and tests as needed. It also helps me feel secure that I'm covering all the information they need at each grade level.

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    Welcome to the forum. Wow! Thanks for sharing how you're using Time4Learning for your kids with two entirely different needs. It's great to know about your son's reading ability improvement!
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    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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