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    I'm CCz Mom and got it going on (joke for us 70's kids). I've just begun homeschooling my chattypatty 9th grader and am looking for help and an outlet. I love this Time 4 learning program and hope it will live up to my expectations. I look forward to learning lots myself on how to help my daughter be successful during this critical chapter in her teen years. BTW: I have never been in a forum or chat room so forgive my ignorance and please don't assume I understand anything. LOL Help me where you can if you'd like I don't even know how to select nor what these smiling faces mean, they just look cute. Well, I'm sure I've been enough for someone today, so I'll bid my farewell.

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    Hi CCz Mom. It's nice to meet you. We have used time4learning for six years now and still love it. Pour yourself a cuppa coffee, tea, or whatever you like. Browse through the forums. Ask questions. That's the best way to get a good feel for things. Make sure you visit your state forum. There's also a forum for high schoolers. Your best source of help, strength, encouragement is your local homeschool support group. Find a group near you that you are compatible with and get to know them well. Also develop a good relationship with your children's librarian. They can be a great help.
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